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MYK5 is for all students in grades Kindergarten-5th grade. We provide video-based Math and Reading instruction through Edgenuity; text-based Bible courses, Science, and Social Studies instruction ARE provided through Ignitia which is a BIBLE-BASED curriculum. There is no course catalog available for this program. When enrolling your student, you enter your students grade level and they are placed in the grade selected during the enrollment process. Parents with students grades 3rd-5th have the flexibility to choose if they would like to enroll their child in video-based Math & Reading, text-based Math & Reading, or both.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what courses to take?

Explore our High School Planning page under Resources to see our recommendations depending on your student’s post-high school plans.

Will you give my student a diploma?

No. We are not a reporting agency or umbrella school, which is how most homeschooled students will receive their diploma. If you have questions about creating official transcripts or diplomas, we recommend reaching out to HomeLife Academy, our parent company.

What about PE?

We have PE courses through our online programs and our on-campus program! However, we do also encourage students to earn their PE credit through physical activity and education on their own. This allows students to pursue their own interests when it comes to physical fitness.

My student has failed courses in the past. Can they take Credit Recovery?

We have the ability to enroll students in Credit Recovery (CRx) courses. However, we suggest that you confirm with your accrediting agency, umbrella school, or Board of Education, that these credits are accepted.

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