Curriculum built on a solid Christian foundation


Interactive parent features


Blend of automatic and parent-graded resources


Engaging, multimedia curriculum


The iTeach✝ program gives you freedom and flexibility. You are the TEACHER. iTeach offers Bible-based courses for grades 6-12. You have the full power to select assignments, award grades, and dive deeper into your students’ passions. With iTeach, once you are given access to your  family’s courses, you are FREE to teach and direct your student(s) however you like. Monthly subscription includes access for up to six courses at a time.

What You Get


Unlimited access for the lifetime of your subscription


Up to six biblically sound courses


Hands-on project ideas for a variety of learning styles


Everything included online


No textbook or outside resources required


Comparable Program
  • Student and teacher logins
  • Automatic grading support
  • Answer keys provided
  • 5 courses at a time
  • No ability to change programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What denomination is this program?

Our faith-based courses are not affiliated with any denomination. Any Bible verse assignments encourage the students to use whatever translation their family recommends. You can explore the delivery of these courses in our Student Experience page.

Will you give my student a diploma?

No. We are not a reporting agency or umbrella school, which is how most homeschooled students will receive their diploma. If you have questions about creating official transcripts or diplomas, we recommend reaching out to HomeLife Academy, our parent company.

What about PE?

We have PE courses through our online programs and our on-campus program! However, we do also encourage students to earn their PE credit through physical activity and education on their own. This allows students to pursue their own interests when it comes to physical fitness.

Will you grade my student's work?

The iTeach program is about 80% automatically graded (multiple choice, true/false, etc. questions). Essays, projects, and science labs will be sent to a parent-teacher account for grading. Answer keys and rubrics are provided for assistance. HLL teacher’s assistants will not assist with grading.

For more Frequently Asked Questions visit our FAQ page.

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