6 - 12 GRADE


Teacher graded




Self-Paced Customizable Terms


Advisors available for both you and your students


The myAssist+ Program is for students in grades 6th-12th and provides increased structure and support compared to standard myAssist. MyAssist+ offers Initial Credit, remedial, Honors, and other courses all while providing increased accountability and oversight of student progress, course pacing, grades and communication with parents. HomeLife Online counselors can assist you with grade reporting if you are confused about what your umbrella school or board of education requires. Students have a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) to do the grading, unlock quizzes and tests and answer questions that your student may have. TA’s can offer technical support or answer basic lesson questions to clarify an assignment or to better explain a concept. 

What You Get


A Program Advisor to check in with


Guidance with pacing so you know your student is on track to graduate


Concept coaches on call for when you need some extra help


Up to 6 courses at a time


Test Out of Material you Already Know


Basic Features
  • Six courses
  • Helpful adjustable pacing guide
  • Unlimited course changes, no charge
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Counselor check-ins
  • Remedial mini courses (The Bridge)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what courses to take?

Explore our High School Planning page under Resources to see our recommendations depending on your student’s post-high school plans.

Will you give my student a diploma?

No. We are not a reporting agency or umbrella school, which is how most homeschooled students will receive their diploma. If you have questions about creating official transcripts or diplomas, we recommend reaching out to HomeLife Academy, our parent company.

What about PE?

We have PE courses through our online programs and our on-campus program! However, we do also encourage students to earn their PE credit through physical activity and education on their own. This allows students to pursue their own interests when it comes to physical fitness.

My student has failed courses in the past. Can they take Credit Recovery?

We have the ability to enroll students in Credit Recovery (CRx) courses. However, we suggest that you confirm with your accrediting agency, umbrella school, or Board of Education, that these credits are accepted.

For more Frequently Asked Questions visit our FAQ page.

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