Academic Calendar

Students using online curriculum will have some holidays in which no lessons are scheduled. The online system will never lock a student out, but there will be no required work scheduled on the dates listed below which are grey (weekends), purple (federal holidays), or yellow (HomeLife additional holidays).

Academic Counseling available through HomeLife Academy

If you’re looking for an extra helping hand when it comes to grade reporting, homeschooling legally, or maintaining official records like transcripts and report cards, you could benefit from the services of our parent organization, HomeLife Academy.

Give them a call today at 888-560-0774 to see how they can enrich your homeschooling experience.

Requesting a Tutoring Session

Students in myAssist or higher programs can request an individual tutoring session at $40 per 45-minute session. To make this request, access your HLL account and add a tutoring session to your cart. Once payment has been received, the subject tutor will reach out via email to schedule the session.

Parent portal

Click here to visit our parent portal.

You can access your parent portal to do many things:

  • Drop or add student courses for our online programs
  • Update card and billing information
  • Update contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to visit our FAQ page for even more information.

Online Course Tech Compatibility


HomeLife Online courses are compatible with Windows, Apple, and Linux devices.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows and Safari for Apple are the recommended browsers.

Please note: HomeLife Online does not recommend Chromebooks, iPads, or mobile devices to access our courses. While technically compatible, these have been known to have more technical glitches than the officially recommended platforms.

Need an Accredited Online School?

If you are needing an accredited option for your student, you might want to consider ArchwayOnline (AO). AO offers one on one student support from mentors and teachers and offers an accredited option to meet your needs.

Current HomeLife Academy Family Resources

Already registered with HomeLife Academy? That’s great! With both HomeLife Academy and Homelife Learning registrations, you will unlock benefits for counselors to be able to communicate with the HomeLife Learning team to help you in your planning process, and monitoring progress. 

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Want to learn more about HomeLife Learning? or are you ready to sign up? Either way we are excited to share with you and show you how to make online learning a success for your family and your student! HomeLife Learning not only provides access to online curriculum and virtual courses, but also provides parents the ease and flexibility of homeschool with access to tools and resources to make your journey the best it can be! Please be aware that you will still need to be registered with an umbrella or cover school as HomeLife Learning is a curriculum provider and not a cover school.