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Every homeschool family is unique, so we offer a variety of options for learning. HomeLife Learning has a program to fit every budget and support to meet every need. Explore to learn more!

Online Programs

Our goal is to make online learning better by providing a wide selection of online program options for students K-12. Both Christian and faith neutral curricula are available. And, we offer a wide range of prices and flexibility to meet your needs. HomeLife Learning is here to inspire students and equip parents.

Virtual Classes

Students build relationships with live teachers, receiving support on tough concepts and feedback on assignments. Video-based courses along with live classroom sessions create an engaging atmosphere for students who want something more from their online curriculum.

Campus Classes

Families local to West Tennessee can take advantage of our campus classes and homeschool tutorial. Engaging, discussion-based courses on a variety of topics will guarantee a positive learning experience.


What’s new

HomeLife Learning is constantly working to provide new resources and options to their families. Always be on the look out for updates from the HomeLife Learning team. 

Our online programs

Available to anyone with an Internet connection, our online courses are perfect for students with complicated schedules and needs. We offer five different support levels and price points. If you are looking for online curriculum, we have a solution for you.


 Our newest option for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Includes engaging video-based lessons in math and reading with interactive characters and gamification, as well as hands-on project and lesson suggestions for science, social studies, and Bible (optional).


Fully automated online curriculum. When you enroll your student in the courses you have selected, and as long as your subscription is active, the student has access to up to six courses at a time. Change courses any time. Available for grades 6-12.


Our faith-based option for families looking to incorporate Biblical worldview into every subject. Semi-automated curriculum with parent grading for projects and written responses. Up to six courses at a time with active subscription. Available for grades 6-12.



Complete up to six structured, video-based courses at a time. Select a start and end date for students so that they will be provided with a pacing guide of what to complete each day. Experienced teachers grade projects and essays and give feedback. Concept coaching instant message service is available for students needing help with a particular concept. Available for grades 6-12.


Receive all of the benefits of MyAssist, plus additional progress monitoring and counseling assistance to give you peace of mind. Students who are struggling to complete their course work will receive contact from a caring, thoughtful program coach to help them to stay on target. Available for grades 6-12.




Our Classes

If your student would like to work with a qualified teacher, you’ll love our live options.

Our campus program provides engaging, in-person instruction to students in West Tennessee. Centered around Socratic Discussion and research, HomeLife Tutorial students encounter real-world issues to prepare them for life after homeschool. We focus on building independence and a love of learning, skills that will follow students for the rest of their lives. Begins at 1st grade.




“We had a really great experience with HomeLife Learning. The format was exactly what we needed and easy to navigate. Any questions I had were answered quickly and efficiently! I loved being able to see my child’s progress and what needed to be done. The grading assistance was truly so great and saved me a ton of time! I recommend HomeLife Learning to anyone and everyone!”
– Kristin

“You go above and beyond, thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this to me!”

– Cherie

Aubren is doing very well and staying focused as a student with HLL. Hands down – best school experience he has ever had!” 

– Jessica

“My three boys have loved Tutorial, and it has been invaluable to our family. I am not the most creative with learning, and my kids were needing something more than I was offering. The teachers are fun, engaging, and make learning an enjoyable experience for them. They are also gracious and kind. My boys have had so many great experiences and learned alot through hands on activity. They all truly care about the student’s learning but also the student and family in every other way. I am so happy that our family is part of HomeLife Tutorial!”

– Kristin P.

“Thank you for the help! I love the HLL family! We have been blessed over our years – this comes at a time when I have prayed and prayed for the Lord to show me His plan! It should not surprise me that He would use you all to help. I am very thankful!”

– Misty

“I just wanted to reach out and say how much I appreciated [uTeach] this year. The curriculum was amazing, it was so easy to learn and manage. Your support was also amazing as well. You were so great to work with, so personable and responded so quickly when I had a question. Thanks so much! My kids will be going to public school next year (as long as schools open back up) so we will not be re-enrolling, however, in the future if we return to homeschooling, we will be signing up again.”

– Erin B.

“Thank you very much for all your help and support through the years.  It was really a pleasure working with you and my son couldn’t ask for a better “homeschool”.  He enjoyed the subjects and never complained about the amount of work or not understanding.  Thank you very much!”


“You’re awesome! Ty!!! All of you have been awesome!!!”

– Christina

“We have truly enjoyed this program but we are at the end of our high school years and looking towards other opportunities. We do tell everyone to check out all of the options that are available with Homelife Learning. Again, thank you!”

R. Brandy

“Your program is great. I am genuinely happy to see her really doing research to write the essays.”

– Alevi

“Thank you so much! Thank you for your wonderful curriculum. He has enjoyed these past 4 years using Ignitia!” – Dalina

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Want to learn more about HomeLife Learning? or are you ready to sign up? Either way we are excited to share with you and show you how to make online learning a success for your family and your student! HomeLife Learning not only provides access to online curriculum and virtual courses, but also provides parents the ease and flexibility of homeschool with access to tools and resources to make your journey the best it can be! Please be aware that you will still need to be registered with an umbrella or cover school as HomeLife Learning is a curriculum provider and not a cover school.